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Note: The term "constructivist" appears in the titles and text of some of the following papers. "Constructivist" counselling was the original name of this form of counselling. The term "SocioDynamic" has now replaced "constructivist" and designates this method of counselling as a Canadian invention and as a Canadian trademarked product registered with Dr. R. V. Peavy.


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Book Chapters and Papers Published in Conference Proceedings

  • Peavy, R.V. (1995). Philosophy and principles of a constructivist approach for training counsellors. Proceedings of the International Association of Educational and Vocational Guidance, Lisboa: Portugal, pp. 383-399.
  • Peavy, R.V. (1997). A constructive framework for career counselling. In Sexton, T., & Griffin, B. Constructivist thinking in counselling practice, research and training. NY: Teachers college. Pp. 122-141.
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  • Peavy, R.V. (scheduled for publication in 2001). New forms of counselling for the 21st century. In Hiebert, B.(ed.). Exemplary Career Counselling Practices From Around the World.


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  • Peavy, R.V. (in-press). Constructivist Counselling - A Way of Guiding Through Partnership. Praxis Schule, 5-10, 2, 2001.

Conference Papers

  • Peavy, R.V. (1996). SocioDynamic Counselling: Beyond 20th century forms of helping. Presented to the XVth International Human Science Conference, Halifax, N.S. August 14-17, 24 pages.
  • Peavy, R.V. (1997). Moving into the 21st Century: Implications and suggestions for the practice of career counselling. Presented to the 23rd National Consultation on Career Development and Counselling. Ottawa, Canada, January 22-24.
  • Peavy, R.V. (1999). Counselling in postmodern society. Paper presented at the IAEVG International Conference in Tampere, Finland. January, 1999.
  • Peavy, R.V. (2000b). SocioDynamic Perspective and the Practice of Counselling. Paper presented at NATCON 2000, Ottawa, Canada, January 2000. Available at
  • Peavy, R.V. (2000c). SocioDynamic Perspective and the Practice of Counselling, Version 2000. Paper presented at the Careers 2000 Conference of the International Association of Educational and Vocational Guidance, Perth, Australia, April 2000. Available on CD-ROM from Anna Lichtenberg at
  • Peavy, R.V. (2000e). New Visions for Counselling in the 21st century. Special Lecture at Berlin 2000 International Conference for Vocational Guidance in Education, Career and Employment. Berlin; September 2000.

Professional Videotapes on Constructivist, SocioDynamic Counselling

  • Peavy, R.V. & Hoskins, M. (1996). The meaning of work: A constructivist counselling session. Available from: PsychoEducational Resources, Gainesville, Florida.
  • Peavy, R.V. (2000). When Strangers Meet: En Konstruktivistisk Vejledningssamtale.
    Copenhagen: RUE


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