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SocioDynamic Counselling - a Constructivist Perspective

SocioDynamic CounsellingDr. Vance Peavy's insightful book breaks important new ground for counsellors working with clients in times of uncertainty and change. Through his unique, inspiring style, he describes the counsellor's work from a constructivist perspective, introducing valuable counselling tools for planning and coping with unpredictable events in work and social life. He offers suggestions that counsellors can adopt to help clients construct meaningful plans and actions - key steps in their movement toward making more resilient selves.

Dr. Peavy encourages and assists the counsellor in working cooperatively with the client, dealing directly with the his/her life-experiences to find innovative means to navigate difficult life situations through the discovery of useful and personally meaningful solutions.

The author provides readers with various clues about how to unlock the iron cage of positivist thinking; how to step out into the fresh air of choice, responsibility, action, meaning, empowerment and authentically cooperative relationships in counselling.

Readers are brought into contact with cultural sensibility as a guide to good counselling, rather than with individualistic, psychological theory.

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